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23 Nov 2018

Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter

Full Time

Healthcare & Medical

Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation

Exercise Physiologist - Newcastle or Central Coast-Based

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation

With nearly two-decades operational and an ever-increasing national footprint, Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation are the industry leaders in clinically-guided, best-practice exercise interventions.  Guardian's practitioners amalgamate truly holistic biopsychosocial rehabilitation principles with an understanding of, and appreciation for, recovery-at-work processes. Thus, always ensuring exercise-programming translates to support restoration of capacities for work and life; ultimately, facilitating optimized quality-of-life and long-term autonomy in self-management.

Guardian's vibrant and highly-professional Newcastle/ Central Coast team is very excited to be recruiting for a position looking for an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) who has an approach synonomous with the above and is keen to take their career to the next step.  The role will involve prescription of therapeutic exercise programmes for personnel afflicted with injury or illness under a compensable-injury policy: principally across Workers' Compensation and Life Insurance schemes.  Hence, in addition to exercise-programming, the role will involve regular, proactive and outcome-oriented reporting and communications that support wider rehabilitation progression and processes.  Any potential candidates will be strong communicators - verbal and written, with a keen propensity to further such skills, and a noteworthy personability. 

Guardian is a very keen believer-in community-based exercise-rehabilitation to ensure independence and convenience in completion during programming, and autonomy and independence into the long-term - ultimately ensuring durability with outcomes and self-efficacy for clients.  Guardian's programmes are as oriented towards education and empowerment as they are towards exercise-specifics; any potential candidates will have a like-minded approach.  Accordingly, the role has a travel-element, commuting between appointments; the successful candidate will consult clients in a particular geographic region to be discussed upon employment; principally across the Central Coast, NSW.   A company vehicle will be provided to the candidate following successful completion of an applicable probationary period; this vehicle will also be able to be used for full personal use with all vehicle-expenses (including petrol) covered so, a significant addition to the overall salary package!  The successful candidate will also be equipped with an iPhone, iPad and have all Professional Insurances covered.

The successful candidate will require membership with ESSA as an AEP at commencement of the position.  Ideally, clinical experience in the aforementioned programmes and wider industry is desirable.  Guardian's AEP's consult clients across a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses - as varied as musculoskeletal injuries right through to cancer and significant cardiac conditions, and mental health; so, clinical expertise and exposure is paramount to success in the role.

Guardian are a team of vibrant professionals with the utmost standard of care delivered unrelentingly to all clientele, and an unwavering level of exceptional service provided to all customers/ stakeholders.  Guardian's AEP's are driven towards continual personal and professional development, facilitated through a highly supportive structure and positive culture with significant, supportive financial provisions for ongoing professional development; potential candidates will be motivated by such.

Please provide a cover page with your resume, detailing your interest in the position. All questions can be directed to Newcastle/ Central Coast Manager - Jack Woods 0402 738 517 or

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