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Guardian Occupational Physio is a Mobile Physiotherapy service specialising in the early intervention treatment of Workers’ Compensation and motor vehicle accident injuries. We provide treatment at a location convenient to the patient—home, worksite and/or clinic.

Same day, next day appointment!

Our service is strongly aligned to the Workcover WA endorsed Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services.

Guardian Occupational Physio provides an effective timely intervention to achieve a successful return to work and function for all our patients.

Our Physiotherapists have an excellent understanding of the effect of biopsychosocial aspects, combined with a strong workplace focus to optimise a patient's capacity to return to work and function. Our robust clinical reasoning ability, workplace knowledge, communication skills and expertise in physiology and biomechanics, enable Physiotherapists to provide a broad range of services to patients and clients.

Guardian Occupational Physio is committed to understanding individual patients and their workplace/functional requirements, collaboratively working with all stakeholders to ensure our recommendations and solutions are targeted and specific to each patient's needs to achieve an optimal outcome.

Utilising effective communication, the following are key to achieving success:

  • Proactive: early contact & timely appropriate intervention
  • Identifying the ‘at risk’ patient
  • Facilitators/barriers to effective RTW
  • Positive relationship between work and health
  • Clear expectation of injury management journey with shared goals
  • Strategic partnership with Injured Worker/Supervisor/Employer/Health Professionals
  • Provide advice about a patient's ability to return to work.
  • Empowering and educating employee, e.g. to adopt appropriate coping strategies

Please submit aGuardian Occupational Physio’ E-referral for assistance with the following:

  • Workplace injury
  • Motor vehicle accident injury
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Our Physiotherapists are passionate and dedicated in ensuring our patients receive the most appropriate care and treatment.

The Guardian difference

Excellent communicators

We pride ourselves on how we engage and communicate with all key stakeholders. Working collaboratively is the key to delivering an effective service.

Mobile Physiotherapy

No travel charge, no over-servicing.

Empower through education

We ensure our clients understand their injury.

Comprehensive screening tools

Utilisation of physical and psychosocial outcome measures.

Legislation experts

Assist the injured worker in understanding their role and responsibility under the Act.


Guardian Occupational Physio promotes primary prevention—protecting healthy people from developing disease or injury at work through health promotion, training and identification, assessment and control of potential hazards, manual tasks, postural stresses and sedentary work.

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