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Terms & Conditions

Missed Appointments

Whilst it is understood that an occasion may arise when you have no means of cancelling an appointment, it must be known that any missed appointments may result in the Insurance Company recovering the cost of that appointment direct from yourself.

Our office requires a minimum of 2 HOURS notice to cancel an appointment.  At your initial appointment, you will be provided with the office and mobile number of the Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist and/or Rehabilitation Consultant assisting you, therefore it is your responsibility to inform us if you can not attend at the arranged time.

Frequency of Attendance

In order for your exercise programme to be effective, it is essential that you complete the programme a minimum of three times a week (unless otherwise  advised).  It  is  expected  that  if  there  are  any  barriers preventing you from maintaining such attendance, you would advise your Exercise Physiologist via the contact details provided.

Practicum Students

Guardian, along with Universities, are committed to assisting graduating Allied Health professionals achieve sufficient workplace learning and gaining career employment. They may be in attendance and take part during your supervised reviews. Please advise your Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist and/or Rehabilitation Consultant if you have any queries or do not want this to occur.

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