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Guardian Workplace Rehab is an accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (Provider number 138) under Workcover WA. Our role is to provide expert return to work services for people who have suffered an injury within the workplace or through a motor vehicle accident. The Guardian service is synonymous with being proactive and outcome focused, striving to achieve positive return to work outcomes.
Our services include and are not limited to:

Fostering knowledge through education.

Guardian Workplace Rehab is a signatory to the Australian Consensus Statement of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) on the Health Benefits of Good Work.

You should engage Guardian Workplace Rehab service when:

  • Worker reporting they do not want to return to work or indicates feeling that return to work will not be successful
  • If redeployment is required
  • Worker remains certified as having no capacity for work for an extended period (4 weeks)
  • Worker has been certified fit for restricted duties but no return to work program has been implemented
  • If the return to work program is not progressing, i.e. remaining on the same hours and duties for an extended period

The Guardian difference

GP Empowerment

We empower the GP to be proactive and return to work focused

Effective Case Management

Through regular key stakeholder communication and collaboration

Excellent customer service

Our service is seamless and streamlined

Outcome Focused

We will deliver on our promise

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